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Santana 2023 FAQ


How should I store my sails for the winter, leave them on the furlers or take them off and fold them? (Canada) 7 Months no Sailing , Sad....


I think it would be a great idea to setup a Santana 2023 FAQ here, with links back to relavent forum posts and what not. I'll work on it when I can and/or when I see an interesting question on the forums.  Keep in mind that even you can edit this page, just click 'edit page' at the top or bottom and use santana2023 as the password.



How do I check for a rotten Ballast Tank?

Start with a small round headded hammer and lightly tap in a grid pattern every few inches across the whole floor.  If you hear a nice solid tap as you would expect from a hammer hitting a piece of wood, then that area is fine, you should move to the next spot.  If you hit and there is a squish, like hitting a sponge, then you have a dry rot problem.  You should mark that spot and move to the next.  Once you are finished, you should have a good idea about what condition your tank is in.



What size outboard should I get?

This is a tricky question that really comes down to personal prefrences....

question as posted on trailersailer forums.


How do I add another question?

To add your own question, click "edit page" at the top or bottom of this window.  Next scroll to the are where you want your question to appear and type the question on a new line.  Select the text of the question and set it to "Heading 1" under Format from the tools at the top of the editor.  Click save when you are finished.  The editor will automatically take the large typed question ad add it to the table of contents at the top of this page.





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